ProShip® Shipping Software: How It Works

With over a decade of enterprise experience in the shipping and supply chain industry, ProShip’s time-tested technology and advanced functionality continues to remain unmatched.

Flexible, Powerful Shipping Software

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Whether you're a large retailer, a warehouse fulfilling high-volume package shipments or in the healthcare or pharmaceutical industry dealing with HIPAA or hazmat compliance, ProShip gives you the tools to ship at lightning speeds, stay compliant 24/7/365 and build stronger-than-ever customer revenue streams.

The flexible, powerful architecture of ProShip® shipping software is currently in use at thousands of locations around the world.

Why ProShip?

ProShip Server: The Heart of Your Shipping Solution

On premise or hosted on a secured cloud network, the ProShip Server connects all of the critical elements of your shipping solution and includes high volume shipping, desktop shipping and the Software Development Kit.

The ProShip Server joins carrier engines, shipping modules and the Enterprise Queuing System that manages updates with minimal downtime to provide you with the most reliable and robust shipping software in the industry.

With ProShip Server, computer workstations across the company can access ProShip's functionality and data via your existing corporate network.

You can also link ProShip Server to your company's Intranet Web services using any Internet browser with no special program installations required.


  • Multi-Carrier Shipping Challenge

    Multi-Carrier Shipping

    Any multi-carrier shipping system can save some money in employee time and rating. We go way beyond the basics to streamline your logistics department to increase profitability and customer satisfaction.

    Did you know that single-carrier operations are subject to three types of carrier risks?

    We've found that shippers who use a multi-carrier strategy are best-equipped to adapt to new delivery trends and are more capable in meeting customer demands.

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  • Rate Shopping

    Rate Shopping

    With the most advanced rate shopping functionality on the market, ProShip incorporates all of your negotiated rates with each carrier, as well as the current published rates, and shops for the best possible shipping rate for every shipment. This way, you have the power to automatically gain the best value for every shipment, while decreasing costs and increasing the customer experience.

    Did you know that not all rate shopping functionality is the same? ProShip's Advanced Date Shopping module properly accounts for weekends, carrier holidays and last trailer pulls so you can meet or exceed a customer's delivery promise while saving on shipping costs.

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  • Omnichannel Last Mile Fulfillment Challenge

    Omnichannel Fulfillment

    Expanding your omnichannel fulfillment network has never been easier. ProShip makes it simple to incorporate your stores, warehouses, third-party logistics companies and manufacturers into your distribution strategy so you can deliver orders to your customers faster than ever while saving big bucks in transportation costs.

    Did you know that the ProShip Product Suite helps you to not only meet customer shipping expectations, but manage your entire e-commerce and omnichannel fulfillment process. ProShip can easily integrate into your OMS, WMS and ERP solutions, so you can handle unlimited shipping requests from an unlimited number of locations.

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  • ProShip Track and Trace

    Multi-Mode Track & Trace

    Delivering convenience in today’s omnichannel world. How customers buy, where they buy, how to deliver and where to deliver. It all complicates delivery tracking. Simplify with ProShip® Multi-Mode Track and Trace.

    Directly connect your on-demand e-commerce data or warehouse systems to real-time and batched carrier tracking feeds. Did you know that customers can track their orders without ever leaving your online store. That means they can continue to browse, find other must-have items and snap them up with a simple click.

  • Analytics

    Reporting & Analytics

    Make faster and more informed shipping decisions that will positively affect your bottom line and ultimately improve end-customer satisfaction.

    Getting your packages out the door in a timely and cost-effective way is critical to your business. Did you know having easy access to important shipping data so you can continuously improve your efforts and make sound shipping decisions is imperative. With ProShip Insights reporting and analytics tool, you can make that a reality.

    With ProShip Insights, customizable user-defined dashboards and self-serve report-building capabilities show a complete view of your company's shipping operations allowing you to make better-informed shipping decisions, without the help of IT or analysts.

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